What is the right to Reversal of Payment?

It is a legal mechanism that protects the rights of consumers or customers who buy products or services through electronic commerce and remote channels, allowing them to request a refund of what they paid, in exchange for the return of the purchased product (when applicable), always that 1 of the 5 cases mentioned below is presented and some requirements are met.

In which cases does the Payment Reversal proceed?
  • 1. When the purchased product has not been delivered to you on the scheduled delivery date that you selected when making your purchase.
  • 2. When the delivered product does not correspond to the one you purchased, does not comply with the characteristics attributed by the information that we provide you about it or those that are specific to it.
  • 3. When the product delivered is defective.
  • 4. When you have suffered a fraud.
  • 5. When the charge or payment for the products corresponds to an operation that you have not requested.
What are the requirements for the Payment Reversal to proceed?
  • 1. That the purchase was made through a remote sales channel (
  • 2. You must have paid for the purchase using a credit or debit card or any other electronic payment instrument.
  • 3. Submit the Request for Reversal in a timely manner. That is, within five (5) business days following:
  • to. The date on which you should receive your product, according to the scheduled delivery date that you selected when making your purchase, in the event of any new delivery.
  • b. The date the customer received a product from BU that was defective or did not correspond to the one purchased.
  • c. The date you learned you were the victim of a fraudulent transaction or a payment you did not request.
  • 4. The request for Payment Reversal can be made by the holder of the purchase or the holder of the means of payment through our service channels here.
Can a Partial Reversal be requested?

Of course, when a customer buys several products in the same order and one or more of them applies to any of the aforementioned cases, they can request a partial Reversal.

What is the consequence of an unjustified Reversal of Payment?

There is the possibility of definitively charging the claimed transaction, when there is an administrative or judicial decision against the consumer who unjustifiably ordered the Payment Reversal.